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Mother Nature Is The Best Medicine.

Learn Why In 6 Weeks.

Featuring Kieron Weidner

Kieron Weidner is a born naturalist with a fascination with the natural world that led him to a career in Ecology, Education and Sustainable Tourism. Since 2007, Kieron has been helping adventurous travelers create memorable experiences in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Latin America. Before starting his company First Nature Tours in 2014, Kieron worked for the National Park Service, Department of Ecology, and several well-known adventure tour companies including Cruise West, Adventures by Disney, and EverGreen Escapes. Now he is one of the most recognized guides in the region and leads tour groups to exclusive and exciting destinations throughout the Pacific Northwest. Guiding is more than just a career for Kieron, it’s his passion, and nothing makes him happier than providing people with new ideas, new adventures, and new experiences in nature.

PNW Adventure Expert | Destination Specialist


First Nature is an outfitter based in Portland, Oregon that provides professional guide services for Private Tours of the Pacific Northwest as well as small group trips to several international destinations. We can be your personal concierge here in the Cascade region, helping you to create a custom adventure that combines beautiful destinations, exciting activities and unique local attractions to create an experience that is truly one of a kind and perfectly suited to your interests.

Some Group Tours are also available throughout the year to places like Mt Rainier, Mt St Helens, Columbia Gorge, Mt Hood, Oregon Coast, Willamette Valley and more! First Nature Tours is the top rated outfitter for intrepid travelers looking for everything from exclusive private tours and small group tours to unique and exciting packages in the Pacific Northwest.


There are many facets to sustainability. At First Nature we strive to meet the highest standards of sustainability, whether social, ecological, economic, or cultural. We provide knowledgeable tour guides and luxury bio-fueled transportation to connect travelers to sustainable adventures like hiking, kayaking, cycling and rock climbing. It is part of our mission to educate each of our guests about the natural and cultural history of a place we visit together, while leaving no trace of our passage.


First Nature aims to enhance the communities we come in contact with by connecting travelers with unique destinations that are not overrun with tourists. Destinations that welcome the economic stimulation that tourism brings. First Nature is an equal opportunity employer that encourages workplace diversity and donates to organizations that promote social justice and education. First Nature uses products that are fair-trade, local and organic whenever possible. We eliminate excess waste by offering re-usable and recyclable products on our tours. First Nature partners with other businesses that share the same philosophy.


Welcome To Mother Nature Is The Best Medicine.

Nature has remarkable healing properties. Science is only now discovering some of the extraordinary remedies for common and not so common maladies in Mother Nature herself. 

This 6-week course explores everyday uses for a wide range of natural ingredients. This course features well-known medical doctors, natural healers and common sense tips to help you become a healthier version of yourself. 

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I Go to Nature To Be Soothed And Healed And To Put My Senses Back In Order.

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