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About “Eat Right Chef” Louisa:

“Eat Right Chef” Louisa is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a health chef who specializes in teaching people how to eat and live according to their bio-individuality–specifically, their blood types and genetic attributes. She has been cooking and developing recipes for different blood types since 2009 and is passionate about educating people about the merits of this way of eating. A couple of years ago, due to some serious health issues, including uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts, she started looking for natural ways to heal her body. During the process, she found many wonderful tricks and secrets. Topping the list of the healing methods is the “Blood Type Diet.” Since following this diet, she has cured herself of a myriad of ailments, many of which had bothered her since childhood, including all kinds of digestive problems, cold sores, severe seasonal allergies, headaches, PMS, excess mucus, frequent colds and flus. The overall result from cooking and eating according to her blood type is that she has not felt as energetic, youthful and healthy since she was a teenager, and she no longer struggles with weight fluctuations—a life-long issue. Her goal is to help people achieve what she have achieved—enjoying maximum health, vitality and happiness—one bite at a time!