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About Taylor

About Taylor

VP of Marketing

Taylor Pichler attended Miami International University of Art and Design where she obtained her degree in Merchandising. She worked for various companies assisting as a buyer and excelled in sales through the use of creative and personal marketing strategies. Taylor has worked on digital campaigns for large companies and social media marketing for start-ups.

Taylor loves nutrition and wellness and is passionate about her physical and mental well-being. She enjoys traveling to new places while revisiting her favorite destinations (Italy and California). She resides in Miami Beach where you can find her in a yoga class or dining at a trendy restaurant with friends.

My greatest life lesson: Always be true to yourself and do whatever makes you feel good as a person, whether it’s getting enough sleep, spending quality time with a certain someone or going out and being social. Sometimes we feel compelled to do things that everyone else is doing. We even feel obligated to continue doing something that really isn’t working for us anymore. Find what makes you feel good and make the time to do it. More importantly, find what makes you feel lousy and cut it out!

About Exist Real: When Elle discussed the concept behind Exist Real, I knew that it was fate. Exist Real is much more than an online educational platform. It’s created to help people heal and grow and become the very best version of themselves. Elle, Bracha, George and I are all firm believers that everyone has the ability to fulfill their potential as a human being. These courses are created to leave you better a better person. I trust that the material will inspire you to live a confident and prolific life!


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