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About Elle

About Elle


Elle Aviv obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and Management. She recently graduated with her Master’s Degree in Communications and Media Practice from Lynn University.  She currently resides in New York City.  She has worked on television speaking about rare gemstones, history, and different cultures. She loves traveling and has traveled around the world. Her favorite travel destinations include India, Thailand, and New Zealand.

Elle’s greatest life lesson is to always be yourself. Sometimes life’s hardships push us off our destined path, but with support, love, and inner strength, we can find our way back to being the authentic, real, and happy person we are meant to be.

About Exist Real: This platform was created with love by real people who care and who want to make a difference.

A few words from Elle: “People walk into our lives for a reason.  Bracha and George walked into mine, and I knew right away that we were meant to meet. Each of us come from a unique background with different skill sets and experiences. However, we all share the same vision and desire to create a safe and judgement-free platform where people from all walks of life can learn, grow, and succeed. Bracha, George, and myself developed a comprehensive 6-week program to help people reach their highest potential in every aspect of their life. We met with amazing speakers, healers, authors, and professionals from across the globe who shared their knowledge and expertise with us. I hope you find this platform to be a helpful and rewarding experience. This project is important to me and I hope that you find it as engaging and empowering as I do.”

After launching the first course, the Exist Real team decided to expand their programs and develop more positive living courses designed to empower their members and help them grow as human beings and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Their mission is to help each member become the person they are meant to be in this world.  

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